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        Dalian Sunny Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2000, is a company with more than ten years of equipment, instrumentation, process equipment and other industrial automation products sales experience of specialized companies. I use the company many years of sales experience in various fields for the user to provide the perfect solution and affordable products. The company's main business involves the petroleum, chemical, electric power, coal, steel and other fields.

             The company's sales staff and technical engineers have received specialized training, has a wealth of expertise and experience. The company continued to grow and develop at the same time, rigorous professional services by the users and industry recognition.

             Our main agent of world famous brands instrumentation, such as: E + H, Siemens, ABB, K-TEK, Winters, Yokogawa, Rosemount, Germany JUMO, Honeywell, Yamatake Japan, Cologne (radar transmitter , flow meters, analytical instruments), USA Turner oil in water analyzer, Oxford, X-ray fluorescence analyzer. Regulating valve which is independently developed by our company.


        phone:0411-- 83678105

        Fax:0411-- 83678105

        AddressZhongshan District, Dalian, Liaoning Province, No. 50 Renmin Road, Room 2904, Block A, Times Square